Founded in 2005, Access Adventure serves the San Francisco Bay Area with therapeutic, educational, and outdoor recreational programs for individuals with mobility challenges, special needs children, the elderly, and injured veterans. Our headquarters are at the historic Rush Ranch, a 2,070-acre preserve owned by the Solano Land Trust.

We feature unique horse-drawn vehicles with solar-powered, battery-operated wheelchair lifts, accommodating up to 500 pounds. Our services cater to individuals, small groups, and large events. Our well-trained horses, bred, raised, and trained in-house, are sensitive to the special needs of our participants, following Carriage Association of America protocols.

We offer recreational and therapeutic carriage driving events from April to October, volunteer training, youth programs, and job training year-round. Our programs are volunteer-operated and free of charge, funded by grants, corporate sponsorships, and community support. Access Adventure is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Our Mission

“To enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities and other underserved members of our community by providing outdoor recreation, open space access, education, and therapy through a collaborative partnership with horses.”

Core Values of Access Adventure

  • Enhancing quality of life through a close relationship with nature.
  • Advocating for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities.
  • Supporting the acquisition and preservation of wilderness and open spaces.
  • Promoting environmental education and sustainable agriculture.
  • Encouraging equestrian access on public lands.
  • Upholding safe and caring standards of husbandry for our equine partners.

Operating within the greater San Francisco Bay Area, we manage over 16,000 acres of preserved open space. We host recreational carriage driving and therapeutic events, featuring historical horse farming, youth programs, and educational opportunities focused on preservation, ecology, wildlife habitat, and rangeland management.

Our goal is to make the world more accessible and enjoyable by providing meaningful outdoor experiences.