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40+ Years

Small Groups for personalized attention

Access Adventures demonstrates a commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities, with each journey underscoring our dedication to making a positive, meaningful difference.

Inclusive adventures for individuals with disabilities.

A traditional wagon pulled by two horses across a grassy field. A driver, holding the reins, guides the horses while several passengers enjoy the ride, seated under the wagon’s white canvas cover. The backdrop hints at a wide-open landscape, evoking a sense of adventure and historical travel.

Covered Wagon Tours

Participants enjoy an inclusive historical outing. The group embarks on a wagon journey, led by sturdy horses, across a scenic landscape. This program could offer a unique, accessible outdoor experience, connecting participants with nature and history in an engaging, communal setting.

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A smiling person in a wheelchair sharing a tender moment with a dappled horse. They are outdoors, possibly at a ranch, with wooden fences in the background suggesting an equestrian setting. The sunlight highlights the affectionate exchange, underscoring a bond between human and animal.

Therapeutic Activities

Discover the heartwarming connection between humans and animals in our Access Adventures program. In a touching moment of unity, a participant bonds with a magnificent horse, symbolizing the comfort and joy our activities bring. Join us in embracing the therapeutic power of these gentle interactions.

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In this image, a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is shown in an outdoor setting. A person in a wheelchair is situated on a specially designed platform of the vehicle, with another individual standing beside, perhaps assisting or ready to accompany them. Both wear hats, suggesting readiness for an outdoor excursion, while another person is visible in the background, contributing to the communal, inclusive atmosphere of the setting.

Innovation Drives Adventure

Embrace adventure inclusively with Access Adventures! Pictured here is an innovative, wheelchair-accessible wagon, designed for outdoor exploration, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to join in the journey and excitement

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