Therapeutic Driving With Access Adventure

img_6106-judith-mike-dressage-shady-oaksAccess Adventure enriches the lives of people with disabilities by providing outdoor recreation, open space access, education and therapy through a working partnership with horses. Our horsedrawn carriages and wagons are equipped with solar powered wheelchair lifts that can accommodate up to five hundred pounds, lifting aboard people with living with mobility challenges. Our headquarters are the 2,070 acre Rush Ranch on Grizzly Island Road, two miles south of Fairfield/Suisun. We have expanded our operations into the Napa Valley and we serve people throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Therapeutic Driving offers even profoundly disabled people the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation while achieving positive functional outcomes in an environment that is safe, supportive, exciting and fun. Access Adventure provides North America’s premier Therapeutic Driving programs serving hundreds of people each year. Our founder and Director of Therapeutic Horsemanship, Michael Muir is past President of United States Driving for the Disabled, Inc. We have program management, participation and oversight by credentialed therapists and medical professionals, Sharon Commisso and Tineke Jacobsen.

The most important thing we do is offer hope and healing to anyone struggling to adapt to living with a significant disability. Access Adventure is approaching a decade of success with participants recovering from traumatic brain injury, people adjusting to life after a spinal cord injury and others with profound disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, polio and blindness. Our experience with innovative adaptations allows these people to enjoy driving sensitive and well-trained horses while experiencing the joy and healing power of nature and life outdoors.

Access Adventure works regularly at the Veterans Home of California in Yountville, providing the older residents with accessible therapeutic outdoor recreation. In 2014, we will expand our services to the younger veterans at the Pathway Home in Yountville and David Grant Hospital at Travis Air Force Base. This new program is called Welcome Home, Support for Veterans and their Families. The large capacity of our accessible horsedrawn covered wagon, trolley and carriage allow the unique opportunity for participants to enjoy Therapeutic Driving in the company of a qualified instructor, therapist and veteran’s families, care-givers and friends. The experience is powerful and life-altering.

There is no charge to participate in the programs of Access Adventure. We are staffed by a dedicated and devoted group of volunteers. We invite your inquiry. You are welcome to join us.