What IS a Stonewall Sporthorse???

The Stonewall Sporthorse is a unique American warmblood developed by International Champion horseman and World Champion breeder Michael Muir at his Stonewall Stud.

His horses have established world sales records at auction, earned National Grand Championships in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, set world records racing (as well as setting sire and produce records) earned national titles in jumping and performance, and qualified four times to represent the United States in World Championship carriage driving competitions in Great Britain, France, Austria and Germany. Over the course of his life, Muir has been an avid trainer and exhibitor, but has found his greatest satisfaction and success as a renowned breeder of champion horses.

Many of today’s Stonewall Sporthorses descend from generations in a careful and far-sighted breeding program that began nearly fifty years ago. Although some are noted for their colorful coat patterns, others are simply black, or occasionally another solid color.

What qualities they are consistently bred for, and tested at the highest levels of competition are soundness, trainability, courage, and stamina. They are not to be confused with Appaloosas. Although some have a degree of Appaloosa breeding, others have none, owing their colorful leopard coats to the Danish Knabstrupper breed. Many

young Stonewall Sporthorses carry imported Friesian blood. Other crosses include Trakehner, other European warmbloods, modern Percherons and Thoroughbreds. These crosses are carefully selected to bring desired qualities and hybrid vigor into the breed.

The Stonewall Sporthorse tends to be a little bigger than average, with eye-catching movement and a tremendous capacity to work. Three Stonewall Sporthorse mares, the sisters Stonewall Blanche, Stonewall Stella and Stonewall Scarlett pulled wheelchair accessible horsedrawn carriages more than three thousand miles across the entire North American continent in 2001. Stonewall Stella accomplished this feat after a two year recovery and rehabilitation from a catastrophic foaling accident that left her quadriplegic.

In the eyes of several veterinarians she had no chance to survive, much less recover and complete such a grueling task. Her remarkable accomplishment illustrates the courage and stamina of the Stonewall Sporthorse breed.

Whatever your pleasure or equine pursuit, you can probably find a Stonewall Sporthorse

up to the task. These days, you’ll find them born and bred at the Rush Ranch, with the imported stallions Apollo (Friesian, from the Netherlands) and Atlantis (Knabstrupper, from Germany) making their contribution to the Stonewall Studbook. Their progeny are being raised to work for Access Adventure, or to be sold to benefit the programs of equine facilitated therapy.

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