STEFANIE PUTNAM WINS PEGASUS AWARDWe often meet people profoundly struggling with the shattering experiences of a crippling injury or a devastating diagnosis of disease that will alter the course of their life. We teach them to focus on what is possible to do, rather than lament what they have lost. It doesn’t have to be a tragedy because you cannot walk anymore. We will teach you how to roll with abandon.

Stefanie Putnam, a beautiful young woman who rode show jumpers with considerable success came to Access Adventure after a catastrophic accident that left her quadriplegic. She wanted to ride again. Michael gently guided her away from getting back in the saddle and encouraged her to learn to drive horses. Under his care, she began competing in Combined Driving, enjoying the challenges of this exciting life. She now trains with National Champion Leslie Berndl in California and under the direction of accomplished trainer and exhibitor Scott Monroe.

Stefanie has competed in the 2016 World Championship for Drivers with Disabilities held in Beesd, Netherlands. She finished fifth in the Grade One division, a remarkable accomplishment for a quadriplegic driver. Stefanie is now poised for medal contention in future world championship events.


Photo by Nancy Jaffe