Therapeutic Driving



Therapeutic Driving offers even profoundly disabled people the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation while achieving positive functional outcomes in an environment that is safe, supportive, exciting and fun. Access Adventure provides North America’s premier Therapeutic Driving programs serving hundreds of people each year. Our founder and Director of Therapeutic Horsemanship, Michael Muir, is past President of United States Driving for Disabled, Inc. We have program management, participation and oversight by credentialed therapists and medical professionals.

The most important thing we do is offer hope and healing to anyone struggling to adapt to living with a significant disability. Access Adventure is approaching a decade of success with participants recovering from traumatic brain injury, people adjusting to life after a spinal cord injury and others with profound disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, polio and blindness. Our experience with innovative adaptations allows these people to enjoy driving sensitive and well-trained horses while experiencing the joy and healing power of nature and life outdoors.


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