I’m Not Dead Yet!

I’m Not Dead Yet!

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Parents all have dreams for their children. Growing up, a child imagines being a princess or a hero. The power of our ambition can be limitless. We live in a country where we are taught that all things are possible. We are free to pursue our dreams and make of our lives whatever we can. We are surrounded by stories of incredible success and accomplishment.

 How do some people make it, while others languish in despair?

An important tenet of our great nation is that “all people are created equal”. Over the course of our lives, some of us enjoy perfect  health, the advantages of wealth, a fine education and a rewarding occupation. Some of us are born in poverty, raised by uncaring parents, or struggle with a debilitating illness or a crippling injury. Some of us do well because of our circumstances and some of us do well despite them.

The worst disability is a bad attitude.

No matter what hand we have been dealt, the quality of our lives in our own hands. We can be defeated by the unfortunate circumstances that befall us as we journey through life, or we can make the most of what we have to embrace that journey.