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ACCESS ADVENTURE is unique in the way we challenge the limits of disability through open space access, wilderness camping trips, therapeutic recreation and teaching people with disabilities the art of horsemanship through driving uniquely designed wheelchair accessible horsedrawn carriages. 

ACCESS ADVENTURE has always been an all-volunteer organization, with no paid staff.  Volunteers are the life blood of our organization. They have a wide array of talents that make it possible to do the work of Access Adventure. We are a very diverse group, united by a love of nature, affection for horses and a commitment to enrich the lives of people with disabilities.

It seems hard to believe that ACCESS ADVENTURE began back in 2005. Even harder to grasp is the fact that our busy organization continues to grow without ever having had a single paid employee.   We remain an all-volunteer organization. Up and running three hundred and sixty five days every year, every holiday, come Hell or High Water, the gates to the ranch are opened, the horses are fed and cared for, and plans are made for the events that make the lives of people living with more than their fair share of challenges a little brighter.

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Financial & Office: Grant writing, fundraising as well as secretarial duties

Public Relations: Online and in print

Safety: Emergency Evacuation training, First Aid, CPR, barn safety

Cleaning: Manure Management, building, tack, carriages, vehicles, trailers

Maintenance: Building, vehicles, trailers

Jobs/Events (Off Site): Cleaning, packing, truck and trailer driving, ground crew, loading and unloading

Feed & Supplements: The horses get fed twice a day every day by our wonderful volunteers. Sign up for a shift at the barn and shadow a feeder to learn.

Marketing & Web: The Facebook needs posts and to find friends. We also need to Tweet our activities.

Contact Mike Muir at 707-999-1419 or visit one of our many events this year.